Builders and Remodelers

We work with builders and remodelers to help their clients with the overwhelming task of choosing all those materials for their new construction projects, or major remodeling. Fees are not calculated hourly, rather a flat rate will be determined based on square footage, and the number of selections.

If your builder does not have an in-house interior designer, they often send their clients a list and schedule of what they need to pick out. This can often be a daunting task, and on top of all the stress of building a new home, you have to make sure all of the materials you select are in your budget, and all go together. You are building your dream house, so we will make sure it fits the vision you originally had!

An outline of what your interaction with an Interior Designer will look like:

  • Review your building plans with you.
  • Discuss your aesthetic goals, color pallete and view any inspirational images you’ve already selected.
  • List all materials required.
  • Present to you two options for each material selection (option A.)
  • In-person selections, we shop with you (option B. at an hourly rate of $25)
  • Communicate with your builder’s project manager all selections and lead times.